Tube Cabinets

Tube Cabinets are used for the storage of industrial tubes to be used in laboratory spaces. It is produced from galvanized sheet and painted with anti-acid Epoxy paint and baked at 200 degrees. It is produced in two types as single-walled and double-walled. In the double-walled model, an air flow gap is created at the side, bottom and top. The inner panels are vented and the chemical vapors and odors released reach the exhaust discharge port on the cabinet through these vents. It is connected to the ventilation system from this part. Inside the cabinet, there is a mechanism where the manifold and tubes can be connected. Standard Cabinet Heights are 1900 mm. Cabinet Widths are 600 / 1200 mm and Depths are 560 mm in both types. The ventilation system is also installed. Cage system can be created for tubes and Manifolds to be deployed outside the laboratory. In the cage system, the front and two sides are in the form of a wire cage. It has a locked entrance door. The upper part of the cage system is covered with eternite or similar materials.