Perchloric Acid Fume Hoods

The function and type dimensions of these fume hoods are the same as the Standard Fume Hoods, but the body block, side panels, front panels, rear panel, gas discharge panel, lighting panel, service columns, Work Table, Sink and mobile bottom cabinets of the device are completely and in various thicknesses 316 AISI Made of Cr/Ni Stainless Steel. 

As we know, Perchloric Acid can cause deformations in the areas where it is used due to its chemical properties.

For this reason, the materials used in the device and the exhaust evacuation system must be of maximum durability. However, there is a washing device in the upper back part of the working area of our Fume Hood so that the acid vapor that comes out does not damage the Ventilation system.

The acid vapor in the polluted air to be evacuated is purified from acids with this washing unit before it reaches the discharge port, and the clean air is sent to the Ventilation system. In this way, we protect our exhaust system from this factor as much as possible.

Our inner back panel; It is designed to send the water gushing down from the washing system to the drain sink without damaging the devices we use in the inner chamber.

Other mechanical and sanitary equipment used in Perchloric Acid Fume Hood are the same as standard fume hoods. Apart from this, there is a valve for the washing unit on the front control panel and a washing device in the form of a band inside. The necessary plumbing for washing water should be drawn in the desired style beforehand.

Walk – In Fume Hoods The function and type dimensions of these fume hoods are the same as the Standard Fume Hoods, but since the physical dimensions of the devices to be used in them are large, there is no work table and front middle panel. The device to be used is placed directly on the ground in our fume hood. The windshield is designed to open completely. Electrical fixtures are located on the top panel of our device. Water and gas armatures can be mounted directly to the interior rear panel and in some cases to the side panels.