Exhaust Discharge Systems (Extraction Arm) 

The system we call the Local Intake System is a 3-armed acrobat type exhaust evacuation system that can move to the right / left, forward / backward, up / down on the bench.

It is made of Polypropylene and Aluminum material, and pipe diameters can be 50 / 75 / 100 mm depending on its usage characteristics. Mouth funnel diameter is 300 mm. Air suction speed and amount can be adjusted with the volume damper on it. The arm lengths vary according to the physical properties of the Bench and equipment on which it will be used. Generally, it can be mounted on the edge benches and hanging on the wall, as well as it can be used on the middle benches with a special hanging system. Generally 

They are mounted on Gas Chromatography (GC) devices. The piping that will be required for the exhaust evacuation of the Local Absorbs is connected to the discharge outlet at the top and connected to the Ventilators. The Fan Control switch, which will control the Fan in the exhaust system, is a thermal system that can be mounted on the Energy panel on the workbench or on the wall and works in one cycle.