Sterile Cabinets

They are Sowing Cabinets that are generally used in the Microbiology departments of Food Laboratories. Although it is used in many other areas other than this purpose, our standards have been developed on this process. Although there are two types, Vertical and Horizontal, the most preferred type is Vertical. Vertical type front part has a manually controlled safety glass system that moves up and down. The air is blown vertically from the upper part directly into the cabin. In the horizontal type, the air is blown from the rear panel of the device to the interior. This type has no front glass system and is open.

The body block and all panels of the device are made of Galvanized sheet metal and painted with anti-acid Epoxy paint and baked at 200 degrees. Working table surface is 304 quality stainless steel. The side parts are fixed safety glass. The function of the device is to create a sterile air in its inner chamber after the air it takes directly from the room atmosphere is passed through the Carbon and Hepa filter system in its upper or rear chamber, separating it from the particles. Coarse fit pre-filter. The Hepa filter, on the other hand, keeps the particles in the air passing through the carbon filter at a rate of 99.998%. It has a lifespan of 2000 hours and can be monitored with a time control counter. 

In addition, bacteria death is carried out with the UV Lamp assembly in our device. A Daylight Lamp assembly is also available. An optional LPG or similar flammable gas tap can be added to the system, as well as an Air Flow Alarm and VAV control unit. The duct type ventilator, which will provide the air circulation of the device, is mounted in the upper chamber, between the Coarse filter and the Hepa filter. Its capacity is 960 m3/h (+/-10%) and its speed is between 300 and 500 m/s.

In addition, on the front panel of our device, there are 220 V 16A Grounded socket, Switches for Daylight and UV Lamp, Fan Speed Switch, Fuse Box and fuses and Hepa Filter Timer. Our Sterile Cabinets are produced as bench top type as standard. It can be used independently from the counter with a separate leg system optionally. Standard Cabinet Height is 1300 mm. With a foot height of 750 mm, the total height becomes 2050 mm. Depth is 750 mm, Width is 1300 mm. In some special cases, cabinets with a width of 1000 mm and 1800 mm can be made.