The hood is a system that locally evacuates the Heat, Odor, Water and Acid vapors that can be released in the tests and experiments carried out on the bench in laboratories in the open system. For this reason, its resistance to acid vapors and heat is quite high.
Dimensions vary according to the physical properties of the bench and equipment on which it will be used. Generally, it can be mounted on the edge benches and hanging on the wall, as well as it can be used on the middle benches with a special hanging system.

Normal Hood depths are 600 /750 /900 mm, Height is 500 mm, and lengths are 750 /900 /1000 / 1200 / 1500 / 1800 mm
Other than these, 400 x 400 x Atomic Absorption (AAS) devices that are placed directly on the device and especially hung on There are small hoods of 400 x 500 h mm.

The Fan Control switch, which will control the Fan in the exhaust system, is the thermal system that can be mounted on the Energy panel on the workbench or on the wall and works in one cycle. Pipe diameters vary according to the volume.