Radio-pharmaceutical Fume Hoods

The usage area of Radiopharmaceutical Fume Hoods is Nuclear Medicine laboratories where radioactive materials are used. Although some of its usage features are similar to other fume hoods, its physical structure and usage characteristics are very different. In order to prevent the personnel to work in the device from being affected by radioactive rays, the entire body block and front panels are produced as double-walled, and lead armor is dressed in the intermediate spaces. In order to prevent eye and chest contact, there is a lead equivalent chest armor that can slide left and right in the opening where the windshield is. Physical and functional equipment

  • 20 mm thick lead armor up to 1100 mm on the right, left and front
  • Optional lower and rear armors
  • Armored case that hides 4 Mo99 / Tc99m generators under the bench and raises it to the bench surface when used
  • Armored chamber for the Dose Calibrator well
  • 2.1 mm bullet equivalent floating chest armor
  • Strong construction capable of handling heavy PET equipment
  • 316 AISI Stainless worktop
  • 6 mm thick Laminated windshield
  • fan speed control switch 

Type dimensions are 1500 x 700 x 2400 h mm. Physical dimensions can be changed upon request. The materials used in the device and the exhaust evacuation system must be resistant to radioactive waste at the maximum level.